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Our Philosophy

Primary to our work at The Bead Shop is service; not only a happy and helpful service to our customers but also service to humanity. 

It is this that makes our role at The Bead Shop

 meaningful and worthwhile. 

We believe in the essential value of creativity which is greatly undervalued in our busy time-poor society and have geared this resource to be accessible to all ages and abilities.

We believe in "a fair days pay for a fair days work".
Globalisation has expodentially increased the exploitation of both

resources and workers and we aim to redefine the ways in which business is operated in the world, our world.

Increasingly we aim to purchase our beads from traditional crafts people or groups who have long enjoyed a culture of bead making, rather than from mass produced supermarket bead sources.

  If you purchase any of our beautiful jewellery 

you can be assured it has been handmade 

by us or has come from a fair trade or other ethical 


 We support as many charitable projects as we can, still believe in the value of co-operatives and that our work can and does make the difference. We welcome contact from

those seeking a market for their fair trade or ethically-produced goods or who have projects or ideas that may be helpful.

 Lastly, we believe in Love!

Love of beads,

 Love of each other and

Love of the planet.

Lokaha Somastah Sukhino Bhavanthu

May all the beings in the world be happy

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